September Minutes

Everyone shared a favorite memory of their summer! And we are all thankful for the rain today 🙂

Here is a reminder of everyone's co-ordinator roles in our branch:

  • Cassi: social
  • Dina: refreshment
  • Diane: venue/hostess
  • N/A workshop
  • Betty/Caitlyn: Canada Music Week Recital (CMWR)
  • Celeste-tina: Student Recitals (1-2 per year)
  • Adele: Starbucks draw prizes

Do we want a student recital in November – before the Canada Music Week recital? Or maybe we prefer just one student recital per year, in the spring.

Our composition booklets celebrate Canada's 150th birthday! - Joyce passed out the composition booklets to the teachers who had students participate! Composers receive a free copy of the book! If you haven't boughten one yet, there are 44 copies still available to buy - $10 for a paper copy and $5 for a digital copy. Contact Joyce. Dina will set up the digital copies to be available to download and purchase from the website, paying $5 through paypal.

The cost to produce one booklet is $8, so charging $10 is just covering our cost. There was only 1 artwork submission, a student who also submitted the same artwork from this past festival. The front cover of the booklet displays the artwork! Congratulations.
Thank you Joyce and Dina for all your hard work in putting our composition book together 🙂

Canada Music Week Recital: It would be wonderful if the CMWR mainly consists of the student's who composed a piece for our booklet. This encourages our students, our local composers! If the composer does not wish to perform their piece, it will be up to their teacher to find someone else to perform that piece.

  • Date: November 17 or 18?
  • Send highest marks to Jean: Deadline will be October 27th
  • Dina will take the photos
  • Other areas for volunteer help:
    • MC
    • help to set up and clean up
    • order and pick up cake and drinks
    • book venue (Kathleen?)
    • kahoots game (Kathleen?)
    • If Kathleen's husband, Joel, runs the sound for us this year, he will be paid from the branch.

There are a couple of grants which our branch can apply for – heritage fund, Bill Andrew's award (application deadline is October 15th – Joyce will write this up)

Festival updates: Beth would appreciate volunteers for our upcoming festival – major or minor roles.