November Minutes

We played a practice Kahoots game, which Kathleen made and Dina is running at the Canada Music Recital.

Canada Music Week Recital: Friday, November 17, 2017 Peace Lutheran Church 7 pm

  • Nov 5 was the deadline to get your students' names and pieces to Betty so she can make the program
  • *Bring your smartphone to play the Kahoots game
  • We all received an email from Jean with an information page to send to our student's, so everyone has the same details
  • We need a box to collect money donations – Diane will get one
  • Those coming to help set up (6:15 pm) and clean up – Joyce, Ewa and Adele – others are welcome We will have a table set up where Adele will be selling our composition books!

Jocelyn gave an update on the workshop we had looked into for January 2018 with Michele Wheatley-Brown. It was decided our branch has been very busy with recitals and events this fall and the cost is too expensive for the size of our branch. Per person: $150/day or $75/half day. We will keep her in mind, it sounds like she covers very intriguing and practical content of the body and music.

Young Artists Concert: it was a great success! Thank you to Calvin who organized a wonderful concert for our community – and the branch is interested in doing it again, maybe every other year? Next time, an adult ticket should cost more, but also have a student rate. What a great experience for the students
who performed!

  • Out of 13 pieces performed, 9 new orchestration pieces had to be written
  • Finances ended up almost breaking even, with about $500 deficit. Branch gave $2000 and a few individual teachers contributed.
  • Every teacher who had a student audition, at least one student per teacher was accepted.

Festival: April 30-May 4, 2018

  • Dina has been working hard on the syllabus and website.
  • Dina showed us how to sign up for the festival from the website – new changes had to be made because we had to move to a new website -
  • We have tried to simplify the online registration forms.
    There are 6 forms:
    1) Solo classes - for paper registration each class will have to be on a separate form - for the online form a student can enter up to 4 different solo classes
    2) Concert class – a student can enter only a concert class on this form
    3) Ensemble class – use this form for duets, trios and ensembles – only one form is needed for each 'group' entry
    4) Talent show
    5) Cover art contest
    6) Devan, Janzen and Music Appreciation Bursary
  • For the online registration there is only one downside to the new process – we do not have a 'shopping cart.' Which means for the online registration being paid through PayPal each form has to go through PayPal individually and cannot be combined with other registration forms.
  • For e-transfers, the forms can be combined into one transfer – please note on the transfer message box which student this is payment for. E-transfer sent through email to with the password Festival2018. This email goes to Beth and she will deposit the money (not our treasurer)
    Payment by cheque will also be accepted. There will be a button to click showing you want to pay with cheque.
    Please note the fee schedule and classes available for your level – these will now have to be written in by either the teacher or parent.
  • All Prep A pieces will be a general registration under Prep A section – there is no List A, List B etc.
  • All Prep B pieces will be a general registration under Prep B section – there is no List A, List B etc.
  • Cover art contest - has it's own separate form. Deadline is Feb 1. Artwork can be uploaded to the server (same with own compositions) or submitted to the registrar.
  • Beth proposed a new category in solo classes “Open Class” – to play local composers' compositions. For example, Kathleen's students could play her pieces or any student could play any piece from the Composition Booklet. If there isn't a trophy for this category, will any student's sign up?
    Thank you Beth and Dina!

Joyce said Valley Concert Society is doing a workshop with Jane Coop (from Vancouver) on April 21, 2018. This is for students and teachers. Jane would like some feedback what we want to hear about. She suggested early music – Haydn, Beethoven focusing on Sonatas etc. Maybe piano and strings both
allowed. This will probably be the spring workshop for our branch.

Next meeting is our Christmas Luncheon: Rendezvous Restaurant 11:30 am Friday December 15, 2017
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Starbucks: Joyce!
We learned and sang Joyce's version of O Canada, which the teachers will perform at the CMWR. It is going to be fun!