December Minutes 2018

  • We celebrated with Hilda Reimer on 60 yrs of BCRMTA membership! She received a pin and a certificate. Congratulations 🙂
  • Canada Music Week Recital with Inasmuch Community Society went very well. They were very grateful of the generous support ($800 was raised!) and enjoyed the music. Thank you to everyone who raised and gave money for this outreach group.
  • Festival – we are celebrating the 20th anniversary this year by bringing in former Abbotsford festival students/competitors to perform at the Honors Concert.
    Awards ceremony – Saturday May 11, 2019
    Honors Concert – Sunday May 12 (there will be a small cost to attend, expect for those who are performing and their families)
    The syllabus is now on the website (abbotsfordmusicbcrmta)
  • Renewal of Membership – please renew online between January 1 – February 28. There will be an extra fee if you register late. Ewa will send out an email of directions to everyone. Cost has been increased for this coming year.
  • Calvin proposed the idea of an October 2019 Young Artist Concert! This would be open to all levels of piano students. Auditions in June.
  • Next meeting - January 11, 2019 at ACMS, 10 am
  • February meeting will be a workshop with Catherine Bundt on 'Performance Anxiety'
  • March meeting will be the AGM (instead of in Feb)
  • April meeting will be festival boxes
  • May/June meetings combined for a year end restaurant lunch