December Minutes 2019

Membership renewal: please renew anytime after January 1st.  Dues have increased slightly

Christmas recital: 15 students registered to date for Saturday December 14th at 1:30 p.m.  If students and or parents have not had a flu shot masks will be provided. These may be moved off the face for performance.  NO photography and NO food for the residents.  Seating may be an issue so the floor is an option for the younger students.  Performers may provide cards for the residents.  There is still space for a few more performers!

If you wish to have a paper copy of CFMTA, there will be an annual fee of $20.00. Digital copies have no cost.

January 10: 10:00 a.m. 2 hour workshop with Katya Pine.  There is no cost to members but guests pay $10.00.  There will be a PDF of 16 pages of notes for self printing rather than paying $15.00 for a printed copy.

February 7: annual AGM.

February master class through Valley Concert Society…..more information will be provided.

March 6: Elsie Goertzen will present a workshop on ethics:  How to approach appropriate touching.  No charge and it will be videoed.

April 3: festival preparation.  Beth told us the syllabus is out and on the website.  Entry forms are not yet printable.

September provincial conference and competition.

2 Starbucks draws:  winners Debbie and Jean


RCM updates:

  • There are new dates for award eligibility: July to June for 2020 (theory must be completed by May.)
  • Convocation will be in early September
  • There will now be national gold medals awarded for levels 5 – 10 with a minimum of 90%.
  • The ear app is subscription based and mobile ready. It includes an analytics tool.  The cost is $4.99/month and allows initiation and cancellations at any time. With the ear books 2 redeems are allowed for the codes.  Available for 2 6 month periods. (1 renew)
  • More focus on teacher products
  • Credits will not be extended beyond a year.