December Minutes

Congratulations to all who were involved in our successful Canada Music Week Recital last month.

Workshops - Jean has been contacted repeatedly by people wanting to do workshops for us.  We have already said YES to a workshop by Jane Coop on April 21.  We discussed three other workshops that are possibilities, and then we had a vote.  The result of the vote is that we want only the Jane Coop workshop at this time. 

Further to the VCS Jane Coop workshop, an email will be circulated in early January asking teachers to submit names of advanced students (Level 8 and up) who would have an advanced piece ready for a Masterclass with her. The deadline for submission of names is Feb. 15.  Please check your email in January for details about how to submit your students’ names.

Reminder - Executive positions are available coming soon in the new year.  Please think about whether you’d like to serve the branch in this way.  All positions are open!

Next Meeting - January 12 at 10 am at CVAM is our next monthly meeting. Please mark your calendars.

RCM Exams - January 15 – 16 in Abbotsford for piano exams.  Jan. 18th for strings.

Festival Report - Beth says she believes that online registration is open now.  1 is the deadline.  The online registration is a bit different this year; however, there should be no problems.  If there is a problem, please contact Beth.  Teachers need to be on the ball to get their students registered on time!  April 30 – May 4 are the festival dates.  Location: Calvin Presbyterian Church.

Membership Renewal - Please pay at and choose “online renewals”.  Please everyone renew online instead of by cheques!  The fee is going up by $2.00 this year.  The total due is $156.00 broken down as follows:  $35.00 goes to CFMTA, $32.00 is the branch fee, $54.00 goes to BCRMTA, and $35.00 pays for liability insurance.  Deadline for payment is 28.

Starbucks draw - Julia won!

We enjoyed our lunch together at Rendez-Vous Restaurant after the meeting. We bid a sad goodbye to Kathleen Feenstra, who will be joining the Chilliwack branch in January.  Thank you for your many years of service as our treasurer Kathleen.  We will sorely miss you!

 Merry Christmas everyone!