February 2021


  • Meeting was held via zoom at 10:00

Festival discussion:

  • Joyce and Caitlin will co-chair for 2021 Festival
  • Dina is registrar
  • Registration closes at midnight, February 15th. No late registrations accepted.
  • An excel sheet will be sent to the teachers of participating students to review all their students’ information. The onus is on teachers to make sure everything is correct.  The committee is unable to scrutinize everything in these new circumstances. Changes made must be back to Dina by February 19th.
  • The program will include all the video links so everyone can see the performances.
  • The program will only be digital
  • Classes will be scheduled in the program for the adjudication meetings
  • Videos must be in by May 1. Solos must be submitted separately.  Concert Class requires 1 video with small pauses between the pieces.  Teachers, make sure your students set the videos up to have indefinite time access.   Absolutely no editing of the videos is permitted. Advise students to choose the private option when using utube.  One Drive and Google Docs have a 2 week access so be vigilant regarding the accessibility.
  • Payment is through PayPal for everything.
  • The festival committee has yet to determine if there will be playoffs.
  • Students entering the Chilliwack festival are permitted to use the same recordings for the Abbotsford festival.
  • The program will be available on the 3rd of May with links and Zoom links for the adjudication classes.
  • Adjudications will take place the following week.
  • Honours Concert details not yet worked out
  • 42 pieces entered as of February 12, 10:00 a.m.

Where can you help?  Please be prepared to assist with……

  1. Hosting Zoom adjudication rooms
  2. Certificates
  3. Adjudication sheets
  4. Contacting non-member teachers with details
  5. More items to follow as details are ironed out

Other discussion:

  • Use online renewal to be efficient and allow for permissions to be noted
  • You will be removed by March 2nd if renewal is completed by then
  • Workshop postponed indefinitely.
  • March 5th, 10:00 AGM



We all have heavy hearts with the recent death of our dear Beth.  She was a vital ingredient in our branch and leaves a gaping hole.  We can honour her by stepping into areas that she carried.

Calvin noted that there is a string concert being planned in memory of Beth.  Donations will go toward a scholarship in her honour.

As a branch we discussed getting a tree and presenting it in a nice pot to the family in spring.  We have enough in our accounts to take an equal amount from both the branch and festival accounts.