February 2022 Minutes

February 4, 2022

President Report was submitted and accepted

Financial Reports were discussed and accepted with the following suggestions:

  • Savings account for Festival will be opened and money moved into this account
  • BCRMTA Abbotsford Branch savings account and BC Vibes account to be closed if possible - balance to be moved to chequing account

Dina has stepped down as President and to keep the branch active the follow was suggested and accepted.

  • a new page on the website was made for a list of the upcoming meetings - https://abbotsfordmusicbcrmta.com/meeting-calendar/
  • a member will host, a member will book the zoom meeting and send out the links
  • this will be a work in progress, and we hope that members will help to keep the branch engaged

RCM Exams - Jean explained the process for face to face exams on June 18

  • Venue - Gateway Christian Reformed Church
  • Level 6 and up only
  • 2 pianos - 1 for the student / 1 for the examiner
  • students need to be fully vaccinated
  • 1 fully vaccinated parent or guardian to accompany the student

Scholarship Competition