January 2021


  • Meeting was held via zoom at 10:00
  • The branch was informed that Beth is ill and had surgery on Tuesday (the 5th). We send our love and best wishes for a quick and complete recovery!

Festival discussion:

  • Online applications only done through the website
  • New registration deadline: February 15, 2021 with no late applications accepted
  • The festival will proceed with video submission and adjudications done in classes by Zoom meetings
  • The festival is competitive and awards will be issued.
  • In the adjudication meetings, students need to be prepared to play live via zoom
  • Concert class clarifications will be made in the syllabus
  • The video links will be submitted through the website (not the actual video)
  • The program will include all the video links
  • The program will only be digital
  • Classes will be scheduled in the program for the adjudication meetings
  • Videos must be in by May 1
  • The program will be available on the 3rd of May
  • Adjudications will take place the following week (May 10 – 15, 2021).
  • There were concerns over potential issues with Zoom if the festival was run with Zoom Rooms
  • Clean scans of music to be submitted for entries using music not in current RCM books
  • There will likely be a festival Zoom account to allow for break out rooms. This will require 1 main host and each room will require a moderator
  • Dina is the registrar
  • Honours Concert details not yet worked out

Other discussion:

  • Joyce informed us that we have a new insurance provider. She requested we renew our membership ASAP to avoid a mad rush last minute.  The total amount is $201.00 (BCRMTA $64.00; CFMTA $37.00; Abbotsford branch $100.00 of which $60.00 is insurance) PayPal or CC
  • Use online renewal to be efficient and allow for permissions to be noted
  • You will be removed by March 2nd if renewal is completed by then
  • Websites can now be listed but will not be live links.
  • Insurance doesn’t cover Covid
  • RCM theory courses and exams were discussed. Here are some links to get some clarifications:

Theory:  https://vimeo.com/413714670/71739c9f61

History:  https://vimeo.com/416081390/65607950d8


  • February workshop:

“‘Towards a Physically-Informed Approach’ is a presentation designed to introduce and explore how anatomical knowledge can enhance our understanding of instrumental technique.  We will explore together how to best pursue efficient and effective movement, and how to best involve this knowledge in our pedagogical practices.”

Katherine Dowling


  • March AGM