June 2021 Minutes

  • A special welcome to our new member, Maria! She brings a new flavour to our branch by being a vocal instructor!!
  • Festival discussion:
  1. Dina is stepping down
  2. 3 more people are needed on the committee.
  3. Ewa is willing to join the committee.
  5. Someone will be needed to create the syllabus and programs
  6. Discussion around having someone outside the branch to be chair. Various incentives

were discussed including free membership to the branch for a year.

  1. We obviously don’t know yet if next year will be digital or face to face.
  2. Please send pictures of award winners to Dina for the website.
  • CFMTA conference: Diversity
  1. July 8 – 10
  2. only $49.00!!
  3. all the sessions will be available all of July
  4. the competition videos will be live June 25
  5. platform used is Whova
  • Dina presented topics that we needed to discuss and make suggestions for as a branch for the BCRMTA.
  • See you all September 10th and have a great summer!!