March 2021

  • Meeting was held via zoom at 10:00

Festival discussion as per Joyce:

  • Festival entries –141 solos, 1 concert class, 5 ensembles = 26.5 hours of adjudication
  • Only 1 talent show entry so TS was cancelled
  • 5 entries for cover art – as the program will be digital only we will have all 5 features
  • This year’s festival is dedicated to Beth’s memory – picture, dedication and obituary to be in the program
  • Program available April 01 – informational - times, dates etc.
  • Videos due May 01 – tell students to save their videos in case we want to use them for Honors concert
  • Here is the link where to download -
  • Please note – solos must be on separate videos – Concert classes must be on a single video.
  • Program with video links available May 03
  • Festival days Wednesday and Saturday May 12 and 15

Volunteers needed – 9 in Zoom rooms – Caitlin Unruh to organize

- other volunteers needed to extract adjudications from Excel files


Theory 8 Workshop on RCM online Study Guide:  presented by Joyce

This was an informative and visual demonstration as to what the actual online guide to prepare for the online exam is like.  Various units were investigated and much clarity was gained.  Amazing workshop!!

Thanks, Joyce!

April 9:  AGM 10:00 a.m. Zoom