November 2021 Minutes

Minutes for November 5, 2021
  • Meeting was held via zoom at 10:00
  • A special welcome to our new STA member, Brooklyn! Lovely to have you join!!
Canada Music Week Discussion
  1. Convener: Jean…..please send your list of students and their pieces to me by November 18th. I currently have 10 students so there is room for 12 more students!  First come, first in!
  2. Dina will host the zoom and send out the link shortly for this recital. Thank you, Dina.
  3. Thank you Joyce, for agreeing to play O Canada for us.
  4. The theme is Diversity…..
  5. Would someone be willing to MC this event please?
  6. Remember: photos of award winners to Dina by November 15th if you want them in the video.
Festival discussion:
  1. One applicant for administrator position who has no experience
  2. There is minimal interest: only potential of 48 students or so after polling the teachers
  3. Those present look to “pause” the festival, HOWEVER, Calvin had a brilliant proposal:
  • Since we have over $13,000.00 in our festival account……
  • Hire 1 adjudicator
  • Have a competition awarding $9000.00 in scholarships awarded solely at the discretion of the adjudicator
  • Proposal of 4 scholarships of $1000; 6 $500.00; 10 $200.00 and potentially gift certificates from music stores
  • The students would be required to send a letter of application where they could list their accomplishments as well as a proposal of what they’ll do with the money should they win. This must accompany their video performance of 1 piece.
  • Limited to students of branch members
  • Open to anyone regardless of level the student is playing at
  • The application process would be open April 15th.
  • Deadline: April 30th and award winners announced May 15th.
  • There would be no certificates or adjudications and no zoom session
  • All details will be clarified and presented to the branch since this is a proposal only.
  • Dina would prepare the website with a link to upload the video and letter of application
  • Videos would be on the website but they would be password protected
  • Calvin would approach adjudicators.
  • Students would be responsible to have a viewable video link or they would be disqualified
Branch Fees
  • New deadline: February 15, 2022
  • $50.00 surcharge after the 15th
  • Joyce and Dina request we renew shortly after January 1st when it will be available on the BCRMTA website
  • There was discussion around upping the branch fees slightly: we are going up to $45.00
  • Discussion around transferring $279.80 from term deposit to chequing account to help keep our fees down.
  • That means our term deposit will still have 2 years of operating costs: $3200.00
  • Since this meeting, I have inquired and there is no penalty for moving the money
RCM Workshop
  • Free
  • Dina will get clarification from RCM if there is a specific topic
News from our President
  • Dina is stepping down in February due to health concerns
  • There is a proposal of either co-presidents or a committee of presidents
  • Please consider this carefully


  • Land acknowledgement to be used for CMW recital. Contact Dina with any comments or concerns with this.

We would like to acknowledge the Indigenous Peoples and the lands which we occupy. We reaffirm our commitment and responsibility to improving relationships between nations, as well as our own understandings of respective local Indigenous Peoples, history, and culture. From coast to coast to coast, we acknowledge the ancestral and unceded territory of all First Nations and Indigenous People that call this land home.

  • Next meeting: December 3rd  Zoom 10:00 a.m.