November Minutes 2019

  1. BCRMTA 2020 Conference: Sound Vision
    1. September 18-19, 2020 in Parksville, BC at Tigh-Na-Mara Resort
    2. Edwin Gnandt is the Keynote speaker and Piano competition adjudicator. Other clinicians include David Duke, Shamma Sabir, Rena Sharon, and Heather Walker.
    3. Go here for more info.
  1. Starbucks draw: we will draw two cards at the December luncheon
  1. Christmas luncheon: 11:30am Dec. 6 at Rendevous to be confirmed by Caitlin
  1. Canada Music Week Recital: Friday, Nov. 15 7:00pm Calvin Presbyterian Church
    1. Jean has this organized and planned
    2. Kahoots game will be created by Dina and Jean will purchase prizes with a $100 budget.
  1. Workshop on Canadian content: put on by the branch
    1. Saturday, Nov. 16
  1. Saturday, Dec. 14 1:30pm Christmas Performance at Worthington Pavilion
    1. forward names of students and their Christmas themed pieces to Debbie Nagy, by Dec. 2.
      604-308-9513 / 604-856-1157
    2. Reminder that this is a service to the residents.
    3. Any visiting member of the public needs to have had a flu shot or wear a mask since it will be in flu season.
    4. No photos or videos will be allowed in respect of the residents and space.
  1. Friday, Jan. 10, 2020: Composition Workshop with Katya Pine at ACMS
    1. Free for Abbotsford branch members, $10 for anyone else
  1. Festival 2020:
    1. Monday, April 27 - Saturday, May 2, Honours’ Concert: May 9 2:00pm
    2. Syllabus ready Dec. 1 and distributed via email. Online registration available and deadline will be Saturday, Feb. 1, late registration Saturday, Feb. 8.
    3. Adjudicators: Murray Nichol: Intermediate/Senior Piano, Rosemary O’Connor: Primary/Junior Piano, Joel Stobbe: Strings and Ensembles
  1. Teacher topical discussion included
    1. approach to playing 4 note chords – planted or drawn out? Rolling allowed?
    2. Apple Music vs. Spotify – Apple library is huge and very comprehensive. Spotify can be more limited but has greater flexibility in accessing content without a subscription and anyone can make and share playlists.


Next meetings: Dec. 6 luncheon, Fri. Jan. 10 workshop