October 2023 Minutes

Jean will be chairing the meetings for the foreseeable future to free up Dina and Joyce to work on the 2024 conference

Canada Week Recital:

  • November 17, 18, 24, 25 possible dates:BETTY WILL WORK ON GETTING A VENUE FOR NOVEMBER 17TH IF POSSIBLE
  • highest marks to Jean by October 15 midnight (between Sept 1, 2022 and August 30, 2023)
  • awards will be ordered and picked up by Jean
  • teachers will be notified to pick up from Jean
  • Dina will prepare the video of award winners: AWARD WINNER PHOTOS NEED TO BE SENT TO HER BY NOVEMBER 1
  • JOYCE will receive the performer names and pieces and prepare the program. DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION IS NOVEMBER 1
  • TRIAL: no refreshments

November meeting:  date and workshop information will be sent at another time once details are confirmed.

Dina is continuing to work on these arrangements.  Ewa will look into securing a clinician for either October or November of 2024.

Thanks Joyce for the new branch list.  The fundraiser opportunity proposed by Flory was discussed and Joyce will investigate this on behalf of the branch.

Scholarship competition?  Here is a list of tasks that need doing.  Where do you see yourself participating?

  • Talk to Calvin and work out strings and piano (in person, online hybrid)
  • Get a committee together
  • Organize prize money for the competition
  • Plan for a deadline for applications
  • Plan for deadline to post winners
  • Plan for a day(s) for performance (Peace Lutheran is only available on Saturdays)
  • Go over rules and regulations
  • Contact Dina with all the updates and get application forms updated
  • Send out information to teachers
  • Contact and book an adjudicator and explain the process and parameters
    • Figure out if adjudicator is comfortable:
      • With excel registration and links
      • Excel adjudication sheets or separate adjudication sheets
    • Pick a convener to take in the registrations
    • As the registrations come in check all the links to make sure they are correct and work
    • After for the deadline – the webmaster will send a final copy of the registrations in an Excel spreadsheet to committee
    • Send excel spreadsheet to the adjudicator
    • Work out the prize money
    • Work out a performance sheet for the entries
    • Work with the adjudicator to assign the winners and prize money
    • Set program for in person performances
    • Work out how to get the adjudication sheets to teachers/or students
    • Contact teachers with the winners and organize payment to the winners
    • Send final list to webmaster to post on website

Discussion was around these topics:

  • What are the benefits to you as a member of this branch of music teachers?
  • What benefit are you to this branch?
  • How often do you want meetings?
  • Which of you is willing to chair a meeting or take minutes?
  • Do you have any topics for future meetings?

Photo website is now closed down.

It was determined that there will only be a piano competition in next year’s conference.  Deadline for application for a candidate from Abbotsford is May 1.  Betty has potential students.  The conference is September 13 - 14.

December 1:  potluck luncheon at Leona’s….11:30