October Minutes 2019

  • Young Artist’s Concert: Saturday, Oct. 12 7:00pm Matsqui Centennial Auditorium
    • Featuring 16 local students with the AYO and professionals.
    • Go here for more info and how to get tickets.
    • Reminder that all students who auditioned receive a ticket.
    • Needs our support – both for local students and for the production costs.
  • Canada Music Week Recital: Friday, Nov. 15 7:00pm Calvin Presbyterian
    • See e-mail from Jean with details regarding tasks and logistics. Get names of students and pieces to Jean by Nov. 2 – time limit of 5 minutes.
  • Mennonite Heritage Museum Christmas Market: 18-23
  • Christmas Performance opportunity for any students
    • Worthington Pavilion, tentatively planned for 14 as a service to the residents. Debbie will coordinate and convene. Stay tuned for more details. Christmas themed performances.
    • Any visiting member of the public needs to have had a flu shot or wear a mask since it will be in flu season.
  • Peace Lutheran Church for recitals
    • Joyce has worked out an offer for us. $100 church rental if less than 50 people, clean up including garbage, and on Joyce’s recommendation.
  • Andrea Biederman has offered to come lead a “How to Build a Successful Home Studio” presentation at no cost. Any personal consultations or follow ups would be for a fee. Are we interested as a branch?
  • BCRMTA annual fees are going up. $5 increase for insurance, $2 for CFMTA (specifically for increase competition possibilities), and $10 for BCRMTA. Costs continue to grow for operations while membership has declined over the years.
  • Festival 2020: Monday, April 27 - Saturday, May 2, Honours’ Concert: May 9
    • Syllabus ready Dec. 1 and distributed via email. Online registration available and deadline will be Saturday, Feb. 1, late registration Saturday, Feb. 8.
    • Program: Available online and in print copies around April 1.
    • Explore idea of having 3 hour sessions. 9:30-12:30, 2:00-5:00, 6:30-9:00.
    • Honours’ Concert in the afternoon?
    • Adjudicators: Murray Nichol: Intermediate/Senior Piano  -  Rosemary O’Connor: Primary/Junior Piano  -  Joel Stobbe: Strings and Ensembles
  • Discussion regarding details: memory requirements, etude number vs. title, exams in April, photocopies for accompanists, RCM marking. We need your input on whether to list Etudes for entry by title or the number in the book as well as how we should deal with students that do an exam in April.

Next meetings: Mon. Nov. 4 @ ACMS,

Dec. luncheon TBC,

Fri. Jan. 10 workshop.