October Minutes

Finances – Kathleen went to the bank with Ewa Telega and she is now our branch treasurer! Call or email her with your financial inquiries.

  • $1000 went to the Young Artists Concert
  • We have $460 left in the budget this year to cover any website or miscellaneous expenses.
  • Long term savings account has $2500
  • Festival account has $4000 (subtract $1000 which we will be giving to Calvin for his concert)
  • The branch needs to save archives of financial and minute reports, maybe on a flashdrive, dropbox or google accounts.

Here is the link to our new website: http://abbotsfordmusicbcrmta.com/

Young Artists Concert – Saturday October 28, 2017 at Matsqui Centennial Auditorium 7 pm

This is going to be an amazing concert! Purchase your tickets from King's Music or online at Eventbrite. Tickets are $20. We are asking that everyone please buy a ticket! Please show incredible support of a concert that our local student's are putting on. Invite all your students and their families! Since our festival account has a large sum of money, it was suggested that the branch give Calvin another $1000 from this fund, to help support this concert. We voted and it passed 🙂

*If individual teachers want to contribute: It would be best if they made out a cheque to CVAM – and mailed it to Calvin Dyck. That way he can arrange that they get a donation receipt from CVAM and the money will still be used for the Young Artists Concert.

Canada Music Week Recital – Friday, November 17, 2017

  • Celeste-tina: MC
  • Betty: convener – cake and beverages. If you can help with set up and clean up, please come early or stay late! That would be appreciated. Some teachers have said they are able to help out.
  • Program: the recital will consist only of student's who composed a piece for our composition booklets! We counted about 19 of them are willing to play and decided that would make a nice concert. Teachers must submit their students' names/pieces to Betty, so she can make up our program.
  • Dina: photographer
  • Jean is receiving highest exam marks (80% and up) from Dec, Jan, May, June and Aug RCM exams. Deadline is October 27, 2017 email is jeanacademy@gmail.com. Please cut and past marks from RCM page – Jean needs to see proof for all students' submissions. It is nice if the student's are present at the recital to receive their award!
  • Location: not yet determined. Joyce will phone Calvin Presbyterian Church to see if they are available on Friday, November 17, 2017. She will see what the cost is of renting the church and a sound man.
  • A general outline of costs for recital was discussed: $100 rent a church, $200 sound man ($50/hr), $100 refreshments, $100 prizes for Kahoots game.
  • A few ways the branch can receive money to cover these costs: it would be great if we would sell all/half of our composition booklets! On the home page of http://abbotsfordmusicbcrmta.com/ there is a link to purchase $5 digital copies and also $10 hard copies.
  • Jean is applying for the heritage fund of $200 for Canada #150 Celebration and the branching out fund, Joyce is applying for the William Andrew's donation. Otherwise, money can be taken from our savings account.
  • Should there be an admission fee to help cover the costs?
  • 'Canadian' Kahoots game: featuring Canadian questions of history and music. Kathleen has agreed to make up this fun game with the help of all teachers. Every teacher is required to send 2 questions to Kathleen with Canadian content. Deadline is November 1st.
  • It was agreed that a page needs to be written of the details of the recital – place, time etc and that all teachers email this page to their students.

Festival 2018 – Spring 2018

Beth gave a detailed update, here are a few points.

  • Prep A and Prep B are always hard to sign up for the festival, because non of the pieces fit under List A, List B etc! The festival committee is thinking of making just a simple section where all Prep A or B pieces would be registered under. From there, the committee would make up the classes as they see best.
  • There was much discussion on own choice categories and trophies for the festival. There will be no trophy for the own choice class in primary levels. But there will be trophies given for the other primary Prep A and B classes. Preps don't have study or pop classes.
  • Signing up Level 1 and 2 students will be the same as last year. Follow the book guidelines of List A, List B, List C, Canadian categories etc.
  • Dina has set up an e-transfer payment option on the website to pay for festival this year! Password is  XXXXX (contact Dina for the info). You must use this as your password, because we cannot having everyone sending the committee different passwords for their transfers. Thanks! Parent must send another separate email to confirm that they registered and they did the correct password. We could potentially save money paying through this system.
  • Adjudicators are still being contacted and confirmed. Jean will book Ian Parker for festival 2019. Unfortunately it didn't work to have him this year.
  • Most outstanding performances in primary and junior – festival committee is considering giving out $50 to these students as well as the trophy.

Student Recital – Celeste-tina mentioned that a Christmas recital would be lovely. It was discussed and finally agreed that this recital will happen in the new year. Our branch is busy with concerts the next couple months!

Next meeting November 3rd at CVAM 10 am – Dina will be showing us how to sign up online for the festival 2018. We will also we taking a few minutes to learn the piece 'O Canada' which Joyce has composed and we will be singing it together at CMWR.

December 15 – the restuarant date has been changed 11:30 am restaurant to be announced.