September 2020

  • Meeting was held at Mill Lake Park
  • Thank you Sook for bringing cookies!


  • Moving forward our meetings will be via Zoom
  • ZOOM Workshop on November 6 at 11:00 a.m. with Jared Dunn
    1. Length: 1 hour       (45 minute presentation and 15 minutes Q & A)
    2. Topic: Chopin technique in etudes
    3. Cost: covered by BCRMTA Professional Development monies
  • ZOOM Workshop on December 4 at 11:00 with Jared Dunn
    1. Length: 1 hour
    2. Topic: pedaling Chopin, Debussy, and 20th century music
    3. Cost: also covered by BCRMTA Professional Development monies
  • We have $200 from the Heritage Fund to spend: Beth to check with sister-in-law about a workshop in the new year on the topic of tension:  physically informed approach to playing.


  • BC Piano Competition: information on website
  • September 12 – 14 online
  • Judging takes place the 15th – 16th
  • Semi-finalists announced September 17
  • Winner announced September 20


  • Young Artist Tour will be virtual: CFMTA pays $200 for each concert and the branch pays $75
  • A new video is required for each concert


  • Festival discussion: what is the priority?  Competition, interaction, seeing others play live’ zoom class
  • Zoom break out rooms……..upgrade to venue if that becomes an option
  • Students would be able to compete for awards this way




Happy Teaching