September 2021 Minutes

  1. Canada Music Week:
  • Highest RCM marks for September 1, 2020 to August 31, 2021 to be submitted to Jean by October 1, 2021
  • Online versus In Person discussed: Consensus was to have our recital on zoom.
  • Students may submit a video to share on screen share on zoom rather than playing live if their internet connection isn’t good. Parent, student, and/or teacher are responsible for this.  Dina will not take the responsibility.
  • Dina will facilitate and MC.
  • Jean will be the convener and make the program
  • Theme: Diversity
  • Time limit per piece: 6 minutes
  • Preference is Canadian music as previous years however, the music is not limited to that
  • There will be a meaningful statement acknowledging the lands we live on but not specifying individual indigenous nations
  • Date: November 26, 2021 at 7:00 p.m.
  1. October 1: Workshop with Jared Dunn
  • TOPIC – How to move a student from reading the notes and rhythm to reading the music
  • Discussion centered on requesting the workshop involve levels 6 – 8
  • Perhaps different eras represented?
  • Perhaps the music of Liszt to be considered?
  • Pieces should be in the syllabus.
  • Other branches to be invited.
  • Etransfer for BCRMTA members outside of our branch using password BCRMTA (all upper case letters)
  1. BCRMTA Piano Competition September 2022…..think about possible competitors.
  2. Would we like an RCM workshop? Please send your comments to Dina
  3. Who will volunteer to take the minutes for the October meeting??? Please let Dina know.
  4. Festival: Calvin presented some suggestions for revamping of the festival as we know it.
  • The festival is smaller than it was and we members are all older.
  • We all agree it is lots of work.
  • Discussion around letting the festival go or to hire an administrator to do the time consuming tasks. The branch wishes to retain the festival so it was agreed that an administrator be hired for $1000.00/month for 7 months.  This individual is to have administrative and festival experience along with an understanding of music.
  • Fundraising will be done by Calvin to cover this cost as needed.
  • Volunteers will still be required.
  • Simplification of the festival is ahead.
  • Playoffs: possibility of none for piano in the immediate future….more in line with strings portion of the festival.
  • Eliminate the excess number of awards for piano division…..more in line with strings.
  • In Person or Virtual? ….Insurance?.....Venue?....Guidelines of Public Health must be followed.
  • Vote by present members to have the festival in 2022: 5 for and 2 abstained so the festival will happen!
  • It was unanimous that we hire an administrator for $7000.00 for the festival 2022.
  • Adjudicators: if on zoom they must be tech savvy and comfortable with zoom.  If in person they need to be local.
  • Small committee was formed to investigate number of entries and the restructuring of awards as well as to create a job description of the administrator’s responsibilities. This committee consists of: Calvin, Dina, Joyce, Ewa and Jean. The plan is to complete this by October 1.