September Minutes 2019

10:00 am Monday, Sept. 9, 2019 at Abbotsford Community Music School


  1. Meeting schedule
  • Monday, Sept. 9/19
  • Monday, Oct. 7/19: Festival info and input
  • Monday, Nov. 4/19: Open forum
  • December luncheon
  • Friday, Jan. 10/20 workshop with Katya Pine. We will use the BCRMTA Heritage grant to partially fund this. No cost for branch members, $10 for non-members.
  • February 7/20 Annual General Meeting
  • March 6/20 workshop, working on a few ideas – have contacted Murray Nichol – still waiting for a reply
  • April 3/20 festival preparation
  • May/June luncheon
  1. Committee heads and tasks
  • Meeting location - Adele
  •  Meeting refreshments - Debbie
  •  Canada Music Week Nov. 22? - need a chair (location booking, etc). Jean, convenor and collect marks.
  •  Workshops - Dina
  •  Festival - Beth
  • Social coordinator - new babies, condolences, celebrations; Diane
  • Community performances - Joyce check about a Christmas recital at the hospital atrium; other places or opportunities
  1. Dina will bill for the fiscal year for website maintenance rather than quarterly – approved.
  2. Joyce report on CFMTA in Winnipeg - great workshops, concerts
  • Del Croz Eurythmics - movement and interaction with music
  • Doctoral research paper - whether adults and children identify as a musician and the power of identifying and self-awareness as a musician.
  • Joyce talked to Dr. Janet Lipinski and Thomas Green about possibility of using worship/church music as popular selections in RCM
  • Found out that a long-standing music store in Winnipeg, Tredwell’s Music, now specializes in out-of-print music. Online sales.
  1. Feb. 22 VCS piano masterclass with Charles Richard-Hamelin – details will be coming
  2. BCRMTA piano competition next September - application in March. Call Dina with senior student recommendations from our branch.
  3. RCM certified teachers can access online ear training for free.
  4. Contact Dina regarding August exam experiences.
  5. Ideas for November discussions: Theory clarifications, Spotify playlists as teaching tools and listening homework
  6. Please send your student marks for highest marks for the year (Dec/Jan, April, May/June, August) to Jean by October 1, 2019