Social coordinator:TBA

  • Arrange for Christmas host home and organize the food with the attending members
  • Arrange a restaurant for the June luncheon. Take membership confirmations

Hosting coordinator: TBA

  • Arrange a meeting place for monthly meetings the 1st Friday of each month.

Refreshment coordinator: TBA

  • Arrange for a member other than the host home to provide refreshments for the meetings each month

Secretary coordinator: TBA

  • To arrange a secretary to take minutes for each meeting and forward to Dina to be sent out to the members

Workshop coordinator: Dina

  • Arrange for 1 outside clinician to speak to the branch at a meeting.
  • Arrange for specific members to share topics that the branch is interested in for 2 meetings of the year

Canada Music Week Recital coordinator: TBA

*the following tasks need to be done either by delegation/volunteering or by yourselves

  • Select date and arrange recital venue
  • Arrange for an MC
  • Set Canadian music/other music parameters
  • Arrange for someone to collect exam marks
  • Arrange for a convener
  • Prepare the program
  • Prepare a mark display
  • Order awards
  • Order and pick up cake and beverages
  • Recital set up
  • Recital clean up
  • Photographs

Social Media: TBA

Starbuck Coordinator: TBA